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Antje Sommer

My fascination for astrology began during my teenage years. By observing people in my surroundings, I realised that I have a strong connection to certain signs and that there must be something a lot more to astrology than the sun sign columns you read in magazines. Being Sagittarius, I always had a lot of questions. Why do I get along well with this person and not with the other one? Why is the communication with some persons so easy and so complex with others?


After my career in the music industry and the birth of my first daughter, I was searching for a new, more meaningful venture. Astrology was the first thing that came to my mind. Therefore I started to study astrology with Martin Sebastian Moritz (Deutscher Astrologen Verband DAV) and was so impressed by this new world that opened up for me. There were so many enlightening moments, in which I was able to see myself & people around me from a different perspective and therefore was able to better understand myself & others.


Helping other people that go through major life changes has been invaluable and enriching my life. I love to see my clients thrive through sharing my astrological wisdom, my grounding presence & my strong intuition. Whether you are going through life transitions, taking important decisions or envisioning self-discovery & growth I am here to support you on your journey.


Astrology is a very practical tool. By analysing your birthchart and the current planetary alignments in the sky, I can see which developmental cycle you are currently experiencing, what you are invited to learn at this moment of your life and how you can use the current energy for your personal growth.

I am a member of OPA (Organisation for Professional Astrologers) and adhere to the ethical guidelines of OPA.

I am looking forward to support you on your journey.

Antje Sommer

Every Woman who heals herself, heals her children's children.

Liezel Graham



The exploration of your birth chart is fascinating. You might intuitively live many facets of your birth chart, but often you are not aware of why you are doing something and why you are doing it in a certain way.


There are many questions, a birth chart reading can give an answer to.


Here are a few examples:

  • What do you need in order to feel safe?

  • How do you take decisions?

  • How do you learn best?

  • How do you enter a relationship with others?

  • What are your needs in a relationship?

  • What are your talents?

  • What are your inner struggles?

  • What is your purpose in life?

  • In which area of life do you need freedom & independence?

  • Where do you need structure in your life?

  • Do you allow yourself to dream and to dive into another world?

  • Do you regularly let go off what is no longer part of you?


A look into your birth chart can help answer these and a lot more questions.


Astrology is such an enlightening and practical tool that has been used and redefined over thousands of years. In my practice, I mainly use psychological astrology. It is important for me to give practical advice, that is easy to integrate in your everyday life with the purpose to increase your well-being.


Many of my clients find it helpful, that the analysis of transits gives insights about how long a certain phase will last, especially when it is a challenging one.


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Thank you so much Antje, you really helped me shift and clear heavy energy and issues that have been plaguing me for awhile and helped to set me back on my soul path, mission and purpose. I definitely recommend getting a reading and taking aligned action on what you receive in it - it’s life changing!


My reading with Antje was profound and affirming on so many levels. She has a beautiful and strong ability to intuit the messages and guidance that you need to hear regarding your charts. To work with Antje is an experience of peeling back the layers of yourself and the path or possibilities that lay before you and she explores that path with you in the most nurturing and supportive way. 


Just had my first birthchart and astrology reading for the upcoming year with Antje and it was absolutely AMAZING! She was extremely accurate and detailed in her description of my personality traits, my relationships with both my parents & spouse and my challenges. Her guidance for the upcoming year has provided me with a more focused path to reaching my goals while taking care of my inner self. Antje is a very warm, caring individual and a wonderful communicator. Looking forward to my next reading. I highly recommend meeting with her!!!



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