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Empowering chart readings & transformational workshops.

Just had my first birthchart and astrology reading for the upcoming year with Antje and it was absolutely AMAZING! She was extremely accurate and detailed in her description of my personality traits, my relationships with both my parents & spouse and my challenges. Her guidance for the upcoming year has provided me with a more focused path to reaching my goals while taking care of my inner self. Antje is a very warm, caring individual and a wonderful communicator. Looking forward to my next reading. I highly recommend meeting with her!!!


Jennifer, Brooklyn

What a pleasure that I found Antje! It was my first astro reading and I have to admit I was always somewhat sceptical. In my job I always have to be very rational so I had the opinion this is somehow esoteric. But this reading thought me different. I was blown away. I still can‘t believe what Antje was telling me about my personal traits, my past and the current state. It all matched 100% and it was enlightening in so many ways! Antje has a very warm attitude, is very empathic and great in pointing out the possible paths. I‘m very happy about this experience and fully recommend her. 


Tanja, Berlin